Testimonials IV


Chris Roberson

Award-winning author

“My professional experience with Marco Palmieri was sadly all-too-brief, but in the process of working with him I quickly discovered two things: he was passionate about the material, and had a keen editorial eye that could help make a merely good story into a great one.”

Cynthia Schneider

OE Client

“I was recommended to Marco Palmieri and Otherworld Editorial by a mutual friend, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Marco’s in-depth assessment of my work was professional, thoughtful, and candid.  His recommendations for areas of improvement were immensely helpful and his sense of humor was a pleasure.  Marco Palmieri is the real deal and I’m looking forward to working with him again soon.”

KSKatie Seton

OE Client

“As someone who writes fiction as a pastime, I found working with Marco a very meaningful experience.  His candid yet professional approach was just what I was looking for.  Marco’s coaching regarding plot, characterization, pacing and voice were spot on and changed my approach to building a manuscript.  Most importantly, I found that his ability to connect the dots and find the workable nuances within the story, made a significant impact on the overall outcome. In the end, I grew as a writer and that in itself was invaluable.”

AmyAmy Sisson

Author of short fiction

“Marco is a pleasure to work with. Not only does he take time to fine-tune ideas in a collaborative process with the author, he’s willing to devote extra time to authors who are new to the game.”

KGSKevin G. Summers

Short-Fiction author and OE Client

“I’ve worked with Marco on two occasions, and each of these I’ve found to be an incredible learning experience.  He understands the mechanics of storytelling and isn’t afraid to tell you when he see a place to improve your writing.  He doesn’t pull any punches, but his delivery always feels like it’s coming from an old friend who wants to see you get over a hurdle.  He’s the best, and well worth every penny of his fee.”

JimJames Swallow

New York Times bestselling author

“As a writer, what you need first and foremost from an editor is a combination of the following elements: honesty, knowledge, directness, integrity. You need a partner, a cheerleader, a collaborator, and I was lucky enough to find an editor who had all these qualities when I started working with Marco Palmieri during his tenure at Simon & Schuster. Since then we’ve worked together on a number of projects, including an award-winning novel which I would never have written if not for his stewardship.”

GeoffreyGeoffrey Thorne

Screenwriter, Prize-winning author, and OE Client

“Marco’s influence on my work can’t be oversold. Working with him transformed my writing from what could be considered that of a talented beginner to a that of a confident pro with a specific voice and style. Working with him gave me the confidence and, more importantly, the ability to write my books my way while still adhering to standards set by the marketplace and readers’ tastes. He was equal parts partner, teacher, and task master, intuitively understanding where I wanted to go with my work and getting me there not only with deceptive ease but within deadline. There is no one, no one, whose opinion of my prose is more valued and no one who’s advice I take more seriously when it comes to fixing what’s broke. If there is a gold standard for editing, Marco is the diamond.”

ATAnnMarie Tornabene

OE Client

“As a novice, I was nervous to contact a professional editor and cringed at the thought of how harsh a critique would be given on the book I have written. However, a friend recommended I contact Marco and I am more than grateful I did. He was nothing but patient and understanding; insightful and inspirational. He listened to my concerns, helped me address many of the issues my story had and gave me the encouragement I needed to continue the writing process. As I have lots of work to do on my book, I would never have been able to understand what was needed if it wasn’t for Marco’s expertise.”

GeoffGeoff Trowbridge

Author of novels and short fiction

“Given the idiosyncrasies of the market in which I was writing, I was fortunate to have Marco as my editor on my first novel. His professionalism, attention to detail, and consummate knowledge of the genre did not surprise me, for I was familiar with his prior work. What surprised me was the patience in his mentoring as he shepherded me through the process, and his innate ability to understand and embrace my vision.”

DaytonDayton Ward

Bestselling author

“More than simply an editor, Marco was and remains a mentor, an advocate, and a friend. What I remember most about the novels and short stories I wrote under his stewardship was the collaborative nature of the process. Along with keen insight and unwavering attention to the smallest details, Marco always brings a simple yet contagious passion to the job. He has a gift for challenging a writer to step up their game and deliver their best possible work, and his thoughtful, honest, and ‘firm hand on the tiller’ approach to editing never failed to encourage me. I look forward to working with him again at the earliest opportunity.”

SusanSusan Wright

Bestselling author

“I can highly recommend Marco Palmieri as an editor. As a professional writer for over 20 years with two dozen published novels and nonfiction books, I’ve worked with a lot of editors, but Marco is one of the most meticulous and dedicated I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He pushed me to be my very best when it came to developing plot and characterization, finding all the chinks and missteps that can mar a story. It was the kind of collaboration that every writer should experience. I certainly look forward to working with Marco again in the future.”