Testimonials III

DaveDavid Mack

New York Times bestselling author

“Marco Palmieri has been my editor on ten novels since 2004, including my first work of original urban fantasy, and he has been instrumental in helping me improve my prose style, my story structures, and my character development. He possesses a rare editorial gift: the ability to see how myriad tiny details constitute the ‘big picture.’ He has been a patient teacher, an imaginative collaborator, and a shrewd judge of what does and does not work on the page. Every author should have the good fortune to work with an editor of Marco’s unparallelled caliber.”

MikeMichael A. Martin

National bestselling author

“Over the course of nearly a decade, I worked with Marco on a goodly-sized pile of novels and short-fiction anthologies. I always found the give and take of our working relationship rewarding, both creatively and monetarily. Marco’s notes and suggestions always improved the end product of my labors, often in ways I couldn’t have anticipated while I was in the midst of the blood, sweat, and tears of the solitary process of writing. He frequently led me to kernels of meaning in my own work that I might have overlooked on my own, and pointed out creative opportunities I would have otherwise missed. For his perspicacious editing, insightful collaboration, and his ability to wring the best work possible from me (not to mention his boundless patience with the many neuroses to which freelancers are heir), I have to give Marco my highest recommendation.”

UnaUna McCormack

National Bestselling author

“Marco’s contribution to my professional writing career has been crucial. He commissioned and guided me through writing my first novel, provided the support and direction that turned my second novel from a mass of ideas into publishable work, and gave me the inspiration and then the freedom to work on my award-winning third novel. His editorial advice is clear and precise. He unerringly hits on ‘the problem’, and then suggests workable solutions. He is generous with ideas, and creates a supportive and collaborative working space which is aimed at producing both the best book possible and a happy writer. He is practical, creative, and, most importantly, fun to work with—even when he’s holding you to a deadline!”

DavidMDavid A McIntee

Bestselling author

“I found Marco to be very focused about what he wants the end product to be like, and at the same time somewhat relaxed and easy to work with, as he allows the desired work to be drawn out naturally, rather than try to impose strictures. This is really the best of both worlds in an editor.”

Joel McIver and Dave EllefsonJoel McIver

Bestselling author

“Marco did a great job of streamlining our manuscript, removing excess detail, making the chronology more logical and giving the finished text a professional polish.” 

Joshua Narins

OE Client

“After spending the better part of a year interviewing and vetting potential copyeditors, an old friend who’s an exceedingly successful author in his own right, highly recommended and referred me to Marco.

“Well, I think I need to send my friend a bottle of single malt. Marco turned out to be the perfect choice for my literary fiction manuscript. His expertise and professionalism were estimable.

“Marco delivered on-time and on-budget, tendered discretion, and pro-offered candor.  What more could a writer ask for.”

MelMel Odom

National bestselling author

“One of Marco’s best qualities is the excitement and understanding he brings to a project. His enthusiasm is amazing. He understands and loves books, and the whole idea of story. Marco is also a lot of fun to work with. He pays attention to the bottom line, and keeps you on task, but when there is time to laugh and meet, he takes time to get to know the people he works with. They aren’t just names, and they aren’t just projects. His people skills are exemplary, and I noticed this with other people he worked with as well as myself.”

ScottScott Pearson

Author of novels and short fiction

“Working with Marco is the kind of editor/writer collaboration I’ve always hoped for. His insightful suggestions throughout the pitching and proposal process improved my work before the real writing even began. During the editorial process, his attention to details from word choice to character development helped polish my manuscripts. Marco’s praise of what works and honest criticism of what doesn’t help guide you to the best in your project. I look forward to working with Marco any chance I get.”

DanelleS. D. Perry

Bestselling author

“Marco Palmieri is one of the best editors in the business, hands down. No one cuts through exposition or tightens loose ends like Marco—he has a clear vision for each project he works on, to get a book market-ready ASAP. I am a much better writer for having working with him—and he’s a nice guy, too!”

Judy&GarJudith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

New York Times bestselling authors

“We’ve had the good fortune of working with several superlative editors, and Marco Palmieri stands out among the best. As writers, there’s no greater sense of relief for us than delivering manuscript to an editor whose passion for the material is the equal of our own, and that’s been our experience with Marco. His enthusiasm throughout all stages of the publishing process, and especially his ability to ask just the right questions at just the right time to spur us on to better work is the hallmark of his craft.  We look forward to working with him again soon.”


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