Testimonials II

KevinKevin Dilmore

Bestselling author

“Marco Palmieri approaches each new project as a collaborator rather than an editor set on pushing his own ideas into a writer’s work. He understands how to create characters and their relationships. He knows how to plot a story along a satisfying path. He has expertise in all aspects of writing, from grammar and mechanics to voice and story structure. When crafting a work of fiction, Marco doesn’t work for you—he works with you. And when it comes to the quality and results of your writing, that is no subtle nuance.”

DEDavid Ellefson

Bassist and Founding Member of Megadeth

“Just like a record producer helps shape an artist’s musical ideas, Marco’s manuscript edits really helped create impact for my words in My Life With Deth.”

JFJeremy Finley

OE Client

“My manuscript just attended Marco boot camp, and it came a little bruised, a little battered, and a hundred times better. Marco is a great asset in helping me to write the story I’ve always wanted to tell, and I’m glad he was in my corner. How he can be both critical and encouraging at the same time is still something I’m trying to understand, but I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

DavidRGDavid R. George III

New York Times bestselling author

“I have worked with Marco Palmieri on more than half a dozen novels and several other projects through the years, and he remains the finest editor I have ever had. Detail‑oriented, with a keen understanding of story and character development, as well as a flair for language, he has always improved my work. He has been not just an ally in the writing process, but a valuable resource; he has a knack for pinpointing weaknesses and reworking them into strengths, and he manages to do it in an encouraging, collaborative manner. Marco is one of those rare editors who can elevate a writer’s work from craft to art, and I always look forward to any time that I can work with him again.”

KSKirsten Heffron

OE Client

“I sought Marco out for his expert editorial advice last year. It was definitely money well spent. As an editor, he is efficient, insightful, and honest. He’s generous with his time and comments and very available to his clients. He’s also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Marco’s experience, talent and professionalism make Otherworld Editorial a first-rate choice for your next writing project.”

IHIsaac Hooke

OE Client

“Marco is a brilliant developmental editor with an eye to character and story. For my latest work-in-progress, he’s really helped me nail down the motivations of my characters, and he’s given me invaluable advice on the overarching structure of the novel itself. I’ve definitely learned a lot of things from Marco that have improved my craft, and my writing is the better for it.”

JimJJim Johnson

Author of short fiction

“Marco’s creative brainstorming, focused insights, and (especially) his good humor made working with him a truly great experience. Everything I’ve learned from him has made me a stronger and smarter writer.

RichardRichard A. Knaak

New York Times bestselling author

“In nine years and through a dozen plus novels working with Marco as my editor at Simon & Schuster, I came to highly respect his opinions and abilities. Whether going through story ideas, the actual writing, or the galleys, Marco lent his skills to see that projects flowed smoothly and turned out successfully. If there was a need to discuss an impasse in the story, he was always willing to make the effort to get it solved. With an attention to detail and patience that I’ve come to appreciate, Marco earns my utmost respect as an editor and my hardiest recommendation to those in the industry seeking a true professional.”

JLJeffrey Lang

Bestselling author and OE Client

“Marco Palmieri possesses a profound understanding of what it takes to make a story work, a keen editorial eye, and a gentlemanly courtesy that will enable a writer to understand where the work is going well, and where maybe not so much.  He is also a snappy dresser and a lovely dinner companion.  Hire him.  You won’t regret it.”

BillWilliam Leisner

Bestselling author

“The opportunities I’ve had to work with Marco Palmieri have always proven to be extremely positive experiences. He has a strong sense for how to make a problematic manuscript work, and how to make a good manuscript work even better. My first novel benefited immeasurably from his insights and guidance. Any author seeking out editorial guidance could hope for none better than Marco.”


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