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We regret that we are not accepting new clients at the present time.

“[Marco] has been a patient teacher, an imaginative collaborator, and a shrewd judge of what does and does not work on the page.”

—David Mack, New York Times bestselling author


Otherworld Editorial is a private consultation service provided by me, Marco Palmieri, a professional editor with over sixteen years of experience in book publishing. Specializing in (but not limited to) fantasy and science fiction, OE offers developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

To help you decide which of these services best describes your needs, and to assist you in distinguishing one stage of editing from another, here’s a handy definition of each term:

Developmental Editing focuses on voice, characterization, narrative structure, pacing and flow, plot, and the way in which these aspects of a story fit together. A developmental editor indentifies any weaknesses in these areas, recommends ways to address them, and may also offer additional suggestions for the author’s consideration.

Line Editing, as the name suggests, involves sifting through a manuscript line by line with the goal of improving clarity, tone, consistency, language, and style.

Copyediting is the stage that concerns itself with appropriate usage, grammar, spelling, tense, punctuation, and fact-checking.

Proofreading is the checking of typeset pages against a copyedited manuscript to ensure that all corrections have been entered properly. A proofreader also checks design, formatting, folio, spacing, and breaks.

OE also offers assistance with the crafting of proposals, outlines, and query letters.

Whatever your needs may be, Otherworld Editorial can help. My criticism is constructive, my rates reasonable, and my approach encouraging.


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