Cosplay at NYCC 2011

Between a gratifyingly steady stream of OE work and the end of my self-impoosed six-month moratorium on reviewing submissions at Tor, I’ve found little spare time for things like updating my web site the last couple of months. But seeing as it’s the weekend before Hallowe’en, this seems like a good excuse to post the pictures I took of some of the costume players prowling this year’s New York Comic Con. 

Now, admittedly, cosplay really isn’t my thing.  But I’ve come to admire the the passion and workmanship that goes into genre-themed costumes, and the festive atmosphere of a convention seems to amplify my appreciation, particularly if the players manage to push my nostalgia buttons. So here are my favorites from among the images I captured at NYCC. Enjoy!


Gamora and Nova

Zatanna, Batgirl, and Supergirl

Luke Cage

The original Silk Spectre

Jules Winnfield

Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man


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