Nerdity Alert: Star Trek Magazine #29

Yesterday I received my advance copy of the new issue of Star Trek Magazine, #29. As some know, in addition to doing consulting work for authors and book publishers, I also have a regular gig as the magazine’s Contributing Editor. Besides featuring a cool new interview with actor Patrick Stewart by Calum Waddell, this issue includes two good-sized articles by me. The first is  “Building the Aventine,” my exclusive interview with CG modeler Mark Rademaker, who designed the newest “hero ship” in the Star Trek book universe. The interview takes readers through the thinking that went into the design, and showcases more than two dozen never-before-seen development images, as well as a new beauty shot of the U.S.S. Aventine, which pulls double duty in this issue as a pull-out poster.

My second article is “Unmasking the Breen,” offering an overview of one of Star Trek‘s most mysterious alien civilizations, as well as their role the Star Trek Online massively multiplayer online roleplaying game and the development work they receive in my buddy David Mack‘s new novel, Star Trek: Typhon Pact—Zero Sum Game. David also previews the Typhon Pact miniseries in this issue, which includes a teaser excerpt from ZSG. (Not coincidentally, ZSG also makes good use of the Aventine.)

In addition, Star Trek Magazine #29 has news, reviews, rare photos, and other cool stuff to feed your inner nerd. Check it out!


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